Thursday, 17 August 2017

Bitcoin now is in the space

Bitcoin will be launched to the space through “Blockstream” the first satellite blockchain service. Bitcoin is going not only global but also universal with new launching. It is incredible that technology is advancing so fast in our days. Through this new service there will be no excuses for not trading or accepting cryptocurrencies. The trading with digital currencies now will be in real time and free access. It could store all the 4 thousand millions of people that could be connected on the web. While these new advances are happening, other countries, on the other hand, are going backwards and do not want to legalize and support cryptocurrencies, like in the case of Venezuela where there is not any law that bans digital coins, but the government does not want to accept the crash of their economy. 

This new advance will bring new opportunities for exchanging digital coins and also a faster kind of transaction for all users in the world. We expect that countries like India will follow the example of the developers of Blockstream and guarantee a better and more secure approach to cryptocurrencies. These are the kind of advances that the world of digital currencies need because it calls the attention of more possible users and entrepreneurs to adopt these methods. Cash crisis such as the occurred in India three years ago could be easily solved through the adoption of digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. If the Indian government does not takes into account that the whole world is going towards the future digitalization of all the economies then India will be stick in the past. The bitcoin exchange in India rally needs this kind of support from the part of the government. However the companies at the top of best bitcoin exchange in India, Bitxoxo, Unocoin and Zepbay are doing a marvelous job. Hindu people sell and buy bitcoins normally, but a formal adoption from then government could be really precisel. 

By the end of the current year, it is expected that Blockstream will cover the half of the global population. In this moment it is covering just the third part of the world and thousands of users have communicated how pleased they have been about the new advance and the benefits that it has brought.

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