Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Projection of Bitcoin for 2018

Thomas Lee, one of the leading ringleaders of Wall Street, an expert in world trade, predicts that by the end of this year and beginning of 2018 Bitcoin will exceed $ 6,000. Hence, having a certain opinion of a person so influential in the world of economics is important to draw conclusions later; nonetheless, we can also do a little follow-up and summary of what has been the rollercoaster of this year for Bitcoin, since, comparing previous years would be located outside the current context that involves this currency.

At first the $ 1,000 seemed grandiose, and now would be a scary figure for Bitcoin's customers, though, there is very little chance that this will happen, since the boom is monumental, apparently there is no way to dethrone this coin. The only question that sounds like an air of hope and concern at the same time is what will happen if most governments agree to formalize this currency and regulate it by means of fixed exchange rates? We know that Bitcoin has had this escalation because he is without reins, and he does not own any government or measure that represses him and prevents him to advance by unknown terrain.

It is important to know that so far, several countries with free market policies have accepted this currency as an official and legal payment, and have regulated it, but have not controlled it, this has been paramount, as Bitcoin has seen a substantial growth in these territories, even having ATMs in the streets of major cities, where we can simply change bitcoins for any other currency, or we can do some transaction.

The arrival of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has meant a jet propeller for BTC, which since its release to the market, touched the $ 4,000 just 5 days, that is, it was a spectacular trampoline.

Hindu people are increasingly encouraged to buy bitcoins in India, as this investment has generated quite a bit of revenue for Asian traders. Next we will give you the top Bitcoin exchange in India, where you will find the best exchanges in India: 1. Unocoin, 2. Zebpay, 3. Coinsecure, 4. Bitxoxo, 5. Localbitcoin.

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