Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The new refuge for investors in all the world

In spite of the fact that many countries consider that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Etherem and Litecoin are not a secure, a huge number of investors and entrepreneurs are investing and saving a good part of their money in wallets. Why are they doing it? Since there is a risk of a new global conflict taking place, investors consider that the stability of the traditional currencies would be lower. They prefer to save their money in wallets because cryptocurrencies in the future will be more stable. 

There is a current air of probable war between USA and North Korea. Every time U.S. starts a violent quarrel with any country around the globe, there is a following economic crisis. Hence, it is normal and logical to believe that a new instability of the currencies would take place. Also, Bitcoin recently reached 4400 dollars and many experts believe that its price by the end of the month will be around 5000. What is seen as a temptation for most of the entrepreneurs to assure their investments and benefit of the best bitcoin rate. 

The countries in the surroundings of this probable conflict like Japan, China, India, and others should be the main concerned about how to stabilize their economies ion case of a formal war in the continent. 

As soon as Trump states more furious messages about his conflict with North Korea, the price of different digital becomes higher and higher. People is looking for cryptocurrencies as a shelter and refuge in this times of uncertainty. 

In other countries everything seems to be normal about the digital currency. For example, in India, the population is watching a slow process of improvement and management of the currency. The companies at the top of bitcoin exchange in India, Bitxoxo, Zepbay and Unocoin are fighting to give the better development to their clients. Hindu people needs more education about the digital currencies. In countries like Venezuela, where the economy is a very bad one, are also trying to get benefited of Bitcoin because their currency the Bolivar is everyday more devaluated while cryptocurrencies are more valuable. In short, we can see how Bitcoin has become a solution for crisis.

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