Thursday, 24 August 2017

Bitcoin Falling and Bitcoin Cash Growing 

     Bitcoin was giving good figures this month until recently that it suffered a strong fall whereas its friendly cryptocurrency was not affected in this diminution that there were of digital currencies. Last week Bitcoin was worth almost $ 4,500, however, today suffered a fall that took it to $ 3 600 and then stabilized at $ 3,900. This fall not only affected Bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile Bitcoin Cash was not hurt by this low and increased to more than 8 percent of its old price to be at $ 693.

     The biggest digital fork in the world is surprising everyone with its rapid increases. It already surpassed the Ethereum but still it stays in the weave place since another of its competitors managed to reach a higher price. However, Bitcoin manages to stay high with a price very close to $ 4 000. Despite the ups and downs the best Bitcoin rate is still higher than the other cryptocurrencies. Bitxoxo, a Bitcoin exchange in India is the protagonist in maintaining that best Bitcoin rate.

     Taking advantage of that Bitcoin lowered of price many people buy Bitcoin to have more and others to begin to invest in the digital currency since it is very probable that it returns to increase of price soon, perhaps this same week.

     Tracking with the block chains and the new SegWit security system may be one of the causes that caused prices to fall because in some countries transactions may be slower than in others and this causes demand to fall and by So the price. However, there is good news to solve this situation and is that Bitcoin Cash already has its own Blockchain and this will allow more transactions to be made in the same or less time.

     Many analysts have given predictions about the digital currencies and several of them assert that the Bitcoin will reach $ 6 000 and the Bitcoin Cash to $ 1 000 by the end of the year. The fact is that these prices are not very far from the reality and there is a high probability that these digital coins reach these prices. For both would be a great advance because more people will want to join the cryptocurrency revolution.

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