Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Some Bitcoin Exchanges Are Rejected Bitcoin Cash

     After Bitcoin's recent event last August 1, several exchange houses and Bitcoin Exchange have shown rejection of Bitcoin Cash, even announced that they would never accept it. Some also mentioned that they will limit transactions with Bitcoin to stay away from the new cryptocurrency.

     Some of the Bitcoin Exchanges that were pronounced before such circumstance are some of the most popular and are even considered the Best Bitcoin in India and several of it also belong to the Top Bitcoin Exchange in India. ZebPay, UnoCoin and Coinsecure are some of those that gave the public their actions to take for the coming months and even for the next few years.

     Hindu people had to take action in the matter because the leaders of these Bitcoin Exchange announced that all users transfer their cryptocurrencies to their wallets or electronic accounts because at any moment they can stop admitting to Bitcoin. However other Top Bitcoin Exchange in India platforms like Bitxoxo, announced that it will adapt to the new digital currency change and will follow all the modifications agreed by the members of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash coins. Even some analysts said that the Hindu People that had Bitcoin on ZebPay could be quiet as they can operate without any inconvenience, but for some this is an uncertainty and prefer to send their cryptocurrencies to safer accounts to lose nothing.

CoinSecure, like Bitxoxo has announced that it will study the possibilities of accepting the new Bitcoin Cash in the future but in the meantime it will stay out of it and will closely monitor its price and its movements.

     Unocoin will stay totally away from Bitcoin Cash because its implementation would bring many changes and modifications to its system, also announced that Blockchain was not available even for BCC and decided not to take letters in the matter recommending its users to look for other Top Bitcoin Exchange In India or sell their Bitcoins, change to local currency or simply store them in another Bitcoin portfolio.

     It is important to note that there are many Bitcoin Exchanges in India that if they are accepting and allowing transactions with Bitcoin Cash, Bitxoxo is serving as an example to many of them and is hopeful that it will remain Top Bitcoin Exchange in India.

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