Monday, 7 August 2017

Some Bitcoin Cash Exchanges and BTC Wallets

     Many users of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies had some uncertainty about what would happen after August 1 with Bitcoin and its bifurcation and how that would affect Bitcoin exchange houses and wallets.

     Bitcoin Cash, the new cryptocurrency, the new asset born from Bitcoin is already being accepted by several exchange houses from several countries of the world. Some of the most recognized that have already adopted it on their platforms are mostly Best Bitcoin Exchanges in their countries and others belong to the Top Bitcoin Exchange worldwide. Among them we have ViaBTC which was one of the first in recognizes the digital currency and even have already registered people who Sell Bitcoin through it who have already been selling Bitcoin cash as well.

     Other platforms like Bitxoxo, one of the Best Bitcoin Exchange in India have already been studying the cryptocurrency and are modifying their platform to begin to allow the use of operations with her. This can be in great demand since it is many people like Bitcoin Exchange in India and therefore its popularity will continue to grow.

     Bitfinex and Kraken approved Bitcoin Cash in their systems, while others like ZebPay and UnoCoin still do not agree on cryptocurrency. Several Bitcoin Exchange are waiting for the currency to normalize a little more and to be more stable to start adopting it because its spontaneous rise has kept it giving strong changes that can make doubts as to a price range.

     All exchange houses in China decided to adopt Bitcoin Cash. The most popular among them, belonging to the Top Bitcoin Exchange in China: OkCoin, Huobi and BTCC. Despite being of the Best Bitcoin in India they maintain a very high interest rate, although unlike other exchange houses can be very high, in China they are the ones that charge less commission per transaction.
     In Europe HitBTC accepted the change and the new digital currency, attending a considerable demand as far as other exchange houses and other cryptocurrencies.

     At this moment Bitcoin Cash has a market capitalization located in the fourth place in the world ranking with $ 6.5 million dollars and more than $ 304, 86 million in transactions.

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