Friday, 14 July 2017

Russia, a step closer to legalize Bitcoin

     Russia has surprised many by recognizing Bitcoin as a form of payment since a country like Russia was not expected to collaborate in raising such optimistic expectations about the future of Bitcoin.

     Apparently in this country there are a number of particular cases that give the Russian economy a national disaster. The sanctions with which Western countries are putting an end to the country's economy, the ruble's weakness and oil prices, or the President's evident commitment to increase the country's gold reserves to counter the problems generated by the generalization of money FIAT, That Russia stayed out of the world of cryptocurrencies.

     Despite all these factors, there was a light that attracted politicians from the Russian government to show interest in Bitcoin. In addition to being interested in the Best Rate Bitcoin around the world generated a debate to know the receptivity of the digital currency in the country.

     Senior officials of the Central Bank of Russia are betting on the legalization of Bitcoin as a turning point in the recovery of the country's financial situation. These are inviting the best exchanges of Bitcoin to offer their services. They also ensure that it is an opportunity for tourists to have greater ease of payment in different places and avoid inconveniences in obtaining the local currency.

     The country's Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of Entrepreneurs formally proposed to the Central Bank of Russia copy the model of Japan to legalize the digital currency in the Russian territory as a form of payment, highlighting the implementation of several measures that support such an example, Tales Such as compulsory registration of customers, audits of exchanges by the authorities, customer protection and the decree that transactions with cryptocurrencies are free of value added tax.

     The Russian government's decision on the adoption of Bitcoin is not yet taken but is very likely to be made in the coming months. Analysts and politicians bordering on the country say it will be a great opportunity to grow economically. These ensure that they begin by accepting cryptocurrencies in the border areas with Estonia and Finland so that people are more attracted and gradually spread Bitcoin across the country using the Best Bitcoin Exchange in India.

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