Thursday, 13 July 2017

Awaiting for the government decisions about cryptocurrencies

While the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) says that they are watching carefully the transactions based on cryptocurrencies, the Reasons to sell bitcoins in India continue growing. Bitcoins in India are currently more expensive than gold. In spite of  the fact that millions of Indians still ignore how to sell or buy bitcoins, and do not accept them as a payment, every day the number of Indians that trade with this cryptocurrency is  higher. Bitcoin exchange in India will be augmenting inevitably during the rest of the year due to its rising popularity, and now with enterprises like Belfrics that exchange bitcoins directly in rupees the bitcoin exchange will be more intense. 

Lots of people continue asking which the companies at the top bitcoin exchange in India are. Unocoin, Bitxoxo, Zepbay, Coinsecure are the best companies of the market that secure your investments in cryptocurrencies. It is just matter of time to see if the Indian government and the Reserve Bank finally are going to regulate the trading with cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoins. The information that the governments have scarcely provided is that their aims are to help develop a more secure infrastructure of the bitcoin exchange in India. 

However, it has been said that the government is divided respecting to the legalization of Bitcoins in the country. Independently of the decisions taken or the approaches that could be made by the government, the people from India will continue getting involve with cryptocurrencies without a regulation or not. Until our days the companies with an equilibrium at the top of bitcoin exchange in India have shown that their clients can trust on them; also, that they can make the necessary improvements in the bitcoin exchange in India and guarantee the security of Bitcoins without a rigid governmental control. Bitxoxo, Zepbay and Unocoin can keep the order in matter of cryptocurrency. 

 It could really help if the government just finds strategies for making the bitcoin security be better. Therefore, the people would feel more encouraged to sell and buy bitcoins in India without any problem.  

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