Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Top Bitcoin exchange in India: August

India is increasingly approaching membership of China, Russia, Canada, Australia and others, as countries that have agreed to legalize the currency, placing it within a constitutional framework and providing laws to regulate its use. These measures have provoked a growth in the conscience of the inhabitants of these countries, who can see ATMs of Bitcoin in malls or in the same street. Undoubtedly, the development of this currency in these countries has allowed it to grow, therefore, it is constantly sought that the Bitcoin be legalized in more parts of the world, and one of the countries that is in a previous stage of testing and evaluation Is India.

Although in this article we will not analyze the political movements that have arisen in India about criptocoins, we will leave this for another day, because today we will provide you with information about the best agencies and where you can find the best bitcoin exchanges in India.

Zebpay: At the beginning of March, Zebpay surpassed 500,000 downloads of its application for Smartphone, a number that stunned several governments in the world, such as India, which would then have to reopen the framework of possibilities to legalize Bitcoin . Zebpay currently has the following rates: Buy BTC Price: 280,213; Sell BTC Price: 271,806.

Bitxoxo: This agency has been consolidating little by little, and today it is among the best Bitcoin rate in all of India. It has a state-of-the-art technology and has received excellent ratings from its customers, who are satisfied with the businesses they have performed in this company. Bitxoxo currently owns the following rates: Buy BTC Price: 281,000; Sell BTC Price: BTC 272,000.

Coinsecure: This agency had to accommodate so many users at the end of July that it had to freeze its accounts and its system for several hours, since the amount exceeded what the system could withstand, thus causing a tremendous weight on the platform . In spite of this, he then managed to make the necessary adjustments, and is currently one of the best places to buy bitcoins in India. Their current rates are: Buy BTC Price: 275,500; Sell BTC Price: 274,531.

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