Monday, 21 August 2017

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Are Making History

     The world's most popular digital currency had to make changes to continue providing the best service to its users. This is the bifurcation that Bitcoin had last August 1st. Bitcoin Cash was the new launch of the same founders of Bitcoin. These had to make a "division" of the digital currency in order to meet the great demand they had.

     Bitcoin was already limiting itself to the number of transactions that could be done daily due to the large number of users and the transactions carried out. Blockchain did not allow all necessary transactions to be made and this was one of the reasons why Bitcoin Cash was created. The implementation of a new digital currency directly linked to Bitcoin would be a possible solution to these problems.

     The operations with Bitcoin Cash are totally independent of Bitcoin and even the prices of both cryptocurrencies are totally different, although already Bitcoin Cash is obtaining very high prices compared with the other digital currencies. In only two weeks, it has surpassed the second most popular digital currency, lowering it from its current range with a price around $ 500.

     Blockchain and Segwit now review every operation that is done with the digital coins by fixing every detail to avoid frauds and deceptions and ensure the reliability of their services. Even Bitcoin Cash already has a block chain that certifies each transaction. Many Bitcoin exchange accepted the new cryptocurrency and have received great demands from people around the world, in addition several of them have already become one of the best Bitcoin exchange in the world and his users are very excited with that new.

     Thousands of people already sell Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash all over the world making millions and millions of dollars in every transaction. Digital currencies have become the new world market and one of the most money processors. Many people have made their fortunes by working and investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This market seems to be quite safe and seems to have good projections for the future as its prices continue to grow as well as the numbers of its followers.

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