Friday, 11 August 2017

Coins of The Future

     If you had known that the world's largest digital currency was born more than seven years ago today you could be a multimillionaire by investing only in Bitcoins. But how would we know, when just a few pizzas at that time cost 5,000 BTC ($ 30) and nowadays those same pizzas would be costing more $ 30 million dollars. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is being one of the biggest financial achievements and it is taking digital and non-digital coins without caring anything.

     Despite its new bifurcation, Bitcoin Cash, the original Bitcoin has not shown signs that its value will be lost or diminished, but quite the contrary. The cryptocurrency has been reaching increasingly high values ​​and its users have been more and more satisfied with the results that Bitcoin is having.

     The best Bitcoin rate has remained in India and in most of Europe and even the best Bitcoin Exchange in India and elsewhere have already done their part to adapt the new digital currency to their systems to achieve the satisfaction and benefit of more People worldwide.

     Bitcoin has had a big impact around the world and it is clear that their confidence levels continue to be given at different scales. Although its high prices leave out small investors, there are always more people willing to finance others and allow investments in cryptocurrencies to keep growing to reach more and more countries.

     Many systems of government have been studying cryptocurrency very closely and in some it is already fully legalized. Others are in the process of legalization but more and more countries are joining this cause. Many banks have felt threatened by Bitcoin as many people use it as a savings fund; For a person it is better to invest their savings in Bitcoins and save them than to keep them in a bank where inflation can reduce their value more and more. The decentralization of the digital currency is an important factor and is the reason why many people and financial institutions continue to invest in digital coins. Bitcoin and his new cryptocurrency daughter Bitcoin Cash will achieve much more than being a digital currency, sooner or later they will become the future of real coins until they make the cash disappear.

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