Thursday, 27 July 2017

Predictions for the each time nearer August 1st

The well-known market predictor for Goldman Sachs, Sheba Jafari reported recently that she still sees Bitcoin a great potential and established that bitcoin could be valued above $3600 in a not distant future. This is a very rewarding prediction for all bitcoins around the world and Bitcoin exchange itself. However, Jafari started the month of July suggesting that Bitcoin could rise four thousand dollars by December and other experts do not consider the same. Many people took the suggestion at the beginning of July and bought Bitcoins when its price was higher and last week bitcoin had a breakdown and the prediction of Jafari was not so accurate. It is not still time for surrender because other options are on the path. 

Some people think that the scaling issue is going to break the investments in bitcoins as we know it and probably is going to establish a new barrier to buy and sell bitcoins. But it could be expected that after August 1st the number of investors will have grown definitely. Most of the cryptocurrencies depend on it since it is the pattern. Most of the actual investors to the Bitcoin world are people that already know the system and even the limitations of the bitcoin transactions and continue trading no matter what. If the change of August 1st is positive it is sure that the demand respecting to the sale of bitcoins will be so high that Bitcoin cost could reach the prediction of Jafari by the end of the year. 

There are lots of traditional investors that have not tried with Bitcoin who do not trust on it due to all the controversy of its legality or the destiny of the cryptocurrency after the expected date, so it is just matter of waiting to see if Bitcoin exchange is stable by that date.

Yesterday was celebrated the Third Annual blockchain Forum in London. The event will provide a lot of knowledge about what the future of cryptocurrencies is. In brief, it could be said that Bitcoin has to evolve within society and society has to be adapted to Bitcoin exchange in all parts of the world.

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