Monday, 31 July 2017

Why trust Bitcoin? A look into the future

Since the beginning of the digital age hackers have said "present" because, although the cyber world is governed by a series of encrypted codes, there are people talented enough to decipher them and, in addition to that, set them to their most convenient mode.

In recent years these pirates have taken to Hollywood like their guinea pig, since they have so in check after robbing the official content of several films and series, that have been manipulated by illicit hands before they are sent to the general public , This began to arise after the arrival of Wannacry virus.

Many pirates have caused panic in the pockets and investments of directors, producers and filmmakers of the world's largest film industry, such as "thedarkoverlord" (the lord of darkness), who has left Netflix in a critical situation, by capturing the new season of Orange is the new black, or at least a good part of it, which has forced the company to pay a lush amount of money to regain their legitimate rights.

Disney has suffered similar extortion since, or you pay, or your movie is going to see everyone free. You cannot deny these gentlemen the hidden face, these new scammers with notions of computer science.

Wannacry contained a ransomware, a program that manages to encrypt your files, and requires a rescue to decrypt them. And for this bailout are not used bank transfers of dollars, or gold bullion, no, bitcoins are used, a currency that has been used for this type of actions; However, it has not been directly affected.

In a world in which malice and benevolence exist, everything can be used for good or evil, but something must be certain, that Bitcoin has not yet been pirated, something that, no doubt, Gives full confidence to get their services.

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