Wednesday, 19 July 2017

More countries are joining the Bitcoin party.

The Kazakhstan government has made known their aims to assimilate Bitcoin into their economy. Kazakhstan’s Astana International Financial Center announced the government is planning to collaborate with the development of permissive regulations for cryptocurrency companies and blockchain.  

CEO of the AIFC Authority, Nurlan Kussainov, the chief executive officer of the international financial center explain that the objective of the institution is to establish the most favorable fintech of the subcontinent. Moreover, he said that the project is still in the first phase and their next step is including the participation of stakeholders in the process of creating a cryptocurrency economy.  

Other countries that recently legalized Bitcoin and showed their interest in the ecosystem are South Korea and Japan. Furthermore, another countries that are pointing towards the official trading with Bitcoin for strengthening their economy is Russia. 

 In addition, one of the best Bitcoin exchange Bitcoin in India, Bitxoxo through their facebook account published that India is another country that will adopt Bitcoin officially. India, where the government recently affirmed that the cryptocurrency will be legal, but the trading with the cryptocurrency will be regulated with taxes. So it will be easier both to buy and sell bitcoins in the country. The Indian government should follow the same politics as The countries of the surroundings like Kazakhstan that are not going to regulate the dynamics inherent to Bitcoin but to assure the blockchain interaction.  

The Wallstreet expert Tom Lee considers that Bitcoin will have valued in fifty five thousand dollars in 2022 because the urgency of obtaining Bitcoin will be a fever in the next months and it will increase the next years. Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum will be probably as popular as Bitcoin, but since bitcoin is the pioneer governments will look for it. So, it is inevitable that more countries include bitcoin as part of their official economy and help improve the ecosystem. To sell or buy bitcoins in India, for example, will be easier for the investors that haven’t started trading with the cryptocurrency. It is only matter of time to see all Latin American countries joining the currency to explode all the positive aspects of the world of cryptocurrencies.

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