Thursday, 8 June 2017

Bitcoin caused a stir in 2016 in Spain

The past year 2016 was one in which Spain gave much to talk about blockchain technology. For example, on 23 September it was announced that natural or legal persons who are engaged in mining bitcoins and other criptocoins will pay taxes because mining will be considered as an economic activity.

In this sense, it is worth noting a little beneficial news for the Bitcoin community, since the Spanish authorities dismantled 6 mining centers in different cities in Spain. Although it may be said that the money invested in these mining equipment originated from other illegal activities, the news was presented by some media in an incorrect way that damaged Bitcoin's reputation in the country.

The 26 of September of the year it was known that Spain became European leader excellence in investments in technology blockchain refers, thanks to answers that gave the Tax Agency of the country to questions on the fiscal treatment of the activities that have to see with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

On the other hand, the recent measure taken by the Spanish government to limit payments made in cash to a thousand euros has led to the adoption of Bitcoin in Spanish territory, which has evidently achieved an increase in the demand for criyptocurrency, which at the same time  increases the value of Bitcoin in the country.

This event has encouraged the Spanish population to become more and more familiar with the Bitcoin ATMs in the country. This year saw an increase in Bitcoin ATMs in Spain by companies such as ATMs Bitcoin, BTCfacil, and BTCPoint, which has led Spain to become the fourth country with the largest number of Bitcoin ATMs in the world, with An approximate of more than 30 cashiers, which undoubtedly has boosted the adoption of Bitcoin in Spanish territory in full

Another reason that has led the Spanish people to take into account that the value of this already broke the value of the ounce of gold which was the favorite asset to safeguard the value of money and to avoid devaluation

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