Monday, 19 June 2017

Bitcoin is growing too fast

     The implementation of Bitcoin in the daily life of people has been bringing certain problems since it is not yet accepted as a means of payment in different places. For the time being, this has held back many people who do not invest in cryptocurrency. An uncertainty for the general public was whether people really wanted to pay with Bitcoin.

     Although the euphoria for bitcoin last week peaked when the price soared to nearly $ 3,000, slow transaction times and inertia are helping to prevent its use. Cryptocurrency is advancing more in markets like Japan, which began to recognize digital coins as a form of payment this year, and in Venezuela, where the bolivar is almost useless.

     In other countries, Bitcoin is also being established as a form of payment. Bitcoin Exchanges are being accepted by thousands of businesses and people around the world. Even though small things such as food, household goods, etc, cannot yet be bought; People decide to buy bitcoin as simply an investment from which they see the fruits quickly. In other Latin American countries such as the Dominican Republic, Bitcoin is being accepted as a form of payment.

     In the United States, digital currency is being accepted from time to time. The acceptance and legalization of Bitcoin has attracted much attention. The cryptocurrency regulations have been discarded and users can sell Bitcoin without problem or perform any Bitcoin Exchange.

     Also, industry startups can use cryptocurrencies as permissible investment securities, even in the case of small transactions, which limits the possibilities for the ventures.

     Some of the platforms to perform your operations with confidence are Unicode, Zebpay, Consecure or Bitxoxo. Most users in the world have preferred Zebpay and Consecure. However, Bitxoxo is among the first 3 portals for Bitcoin Exchanges. Bitxoxo has guaranteed millions of transactions and has registered thousands of people.

     The growth and expansion of Bitcoin has not ceased despite the imposed tests that the government has presented and Bitcoin is making clear that it arrived to stay and to expand. People will continue to say and choose Bitcoin as a great favorite among other digital currencies.

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