Thursday, 25 May 2017

Characteristics to look for in a page of Bitcoins in India

We must take into account that several pages of purchase and sale of Bitcoins are only based on offering us the best exchange rates. But all forget customer service and various amenities that make us feel pleased by what we do. That is why we have decided to provide a set of characteristics and offer them in India in terms of the purchase and sale of Bitcoins:

1- Customer service for 24x7 transactions: (Bitxoxo) Recall that Bitcoins transactions are normally done between 10 am and 6 pm and these are the customer service hours. However, Bitxoxo is the only company that works 24 hours and 7 days a week in customer service, providing help at any time

2- Live Chat Support: (Bitxoxo, Zebpay, UnoCoin) Live chats with help through the managers to clear any doubts as to the transactions. For those who can not make calls.

3- Good Exchange Rates: (UnoCoin, Bitxoxo, CoinSecure) are the best overall rates in India. UnoCoin has an advantage over the massive purchase, Coinsecure offers good plans and Bitxoxo offers stable rates that do not change and can be used by both large buyers and small investors.

4- Instant checking of accounts (Bitxoxo, BTCXIndia) sometimes create an account and verify them takes a reasonable time (2 to 3 days in some cases) but for these two pages, the verification is automatic by telephone, usually the process Does not last more than 30 minutes and you can start working directly.

5- Checking account deposits quickly: (BTCXIndia, Bitxoxo) Other pages like CoinSecure, Zebpay and UnoCoin verify the transactions in a period of 4 to 5 hours and if you have the bad luck to do it on holidays it takes from 4 To 5 days. In Bitxoxo and in BTCXIndia, transactions are always confirmed within 5 minutes of being made at most.

6- 0% Service Fee: (Bitxoxo) It is the only company in India that does not charge small commissions for the use of its services. That makes it the perfect web for new investors or customers looking for no extra charges.

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