Wednesday, 17 May 2017

India, a paradise to do business with bitcoins.

In several forums of Bitcoin have pointed out the peculiarities that make India a fertile land for the expansion of Bitcoin. More and more Bitcoin electronic exchanges or exchanges in India offer their services by offering the best exchange rates for bitcoins in India; these companies face the authorities and remain active despite the denials by government entities and the country's central bank. "They try to control us because they are afraid of us" say different companies in the Indian country. Those of the page called Reddit, say that being a peer to peer exchange, with vendors distributed worldwide, the site can continue to operate without problems forever since if any government wants to close the trade of bitcoins in the world, this would be impossible.

• Indians are known for their marked predilection for gold and silver savings and in bitcoin they have found another way to preserve the value of their money over time. The depreciation of the rupee is accelerating with debauchery, and the price of metals in rupees has set a new record in the country.

• More than 100 million Indians currently do not have a bank account so they need a way to keep their money safely and with electronic wallets like they can protect it.

• In India, laws relating to capital controls are extremely strict.

• Millions of Indians live abroad and daily send money to their relatives residing in India and with the bitcoin exchange in India they become quite easy, cheap and fast.

• Unlike the Republic of China, India is not surrounded by a "great computer wall". In India, on the other hand, computer technology has been developed in a great way.

• India has more programmers than all other countries in the world combined. This makes them an exporting country of people specialized in computing.

• Among the Indians habitants working in the technological sector, the command of English is normal, so that language is not an obstacle to access to information in the world, since bitcoin is international.

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