Saturday, 3 June 2017

My review of Bitcoin

The most popular of the cryptocurrencies continues causing international upheaval by its rapid acceptance and valorization. Eight years ago, bitcoin was one of the decentralized currencies that was used in the deep internet or that attracted the attention of a few experts in the subject. But as it gained space, investors appeared and its ease of use led many to become interested in bitcoin as a way to earn money with high returns.

For five years I started researching the topic and found in the bitcoin an instant business and liquidity alternative. It can be used anywhere in the world. I took the risk when it was $ 200 dollars and today it is quoted at $ 2,502 dollars. In my case, it is an investment that has quintupled.

It all started from a research where he found the Bitxoxo platform as the electronic wallet that aroused me more confidence. And like any business, the only thing I have done so far has been to buy bitcoin when its value goes down and sell them when it starts to rise. It is the only logic and applies just like any other currency, such as the dollar.

As with any business, there are risks around this investment, such as people posing as investor firms to fool the unsuspecting who expect big returns. Therefore, I recommend that if strange people ask for large sums of money and in return for a few days or weeks they promise to return double or triple what they deposited, it is better to be suspicious. Also to those who are not willing to risk their money, it is better that they do not invest, because if they do not want anything to happen, it is better to do nothing and that their money keeps leaving it at home.

The fact is that countries like Australia are reviewing the issue of 'blockchain' to regulate their operation and adapt their economies. Japan became the first country to recognize bitcoin as a means of payment; it all began with an investigation after the hacking of more than 700,000 bitcoins.

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