Friday, 16 June 2017

India’s Bitcoin Economy
Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest rising things on the web. And it would seem that India is preparing itself rise up to the challenge. The Indian public has spoken out in support of crypto-currencies, sending a myriad of comments arguing in favor of making Bitcoin and its peers an official currency.
Puzzling to some as to how a country that has been stereotyped as the worst example of poverty would harbor such a massive economy, but also be a pioneer in the new cryptocurrency system, seeing people rushing to buy bitcoin in and India sell Bitcoin in India, as well as companies seizing the moment to helping them buy bitcoin in India and sell bitcoin in India.
Top Bitcoin exchange in India are companies like founding members of Digital Assets and Blockchain Foundation India (DAFBI), Coinsecure, Zebpay, BTCXIndia. These are the Bitcoin exchanges in India that offer the best bitcoin rate and are considered the top Bitcoin exchanges in India by the people who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
1.    Zebpay: preferred by many because of its app-only nature and user friendly styling. It has been around since 2011 and has risen since, becoming the 7th most popular app on the Apple Finance store, they offer what many consider to be the best Bitcoin rate.
2.    Bitxoxo: the founding members of Digital Assets and Blockchain Foundation India (DAFBI) and the first company to offer pre-paid bitcoin gift cards as well as offering the option to buy and sell bitcoins and used by many as a trustworthy intermediary in bitcoin exchange in India.
3.    Coinsecure: speed based, as its claims to be the fastest real-time bitcoin exchange app in India
4.    Unocoin: Not only claiming to be the best bitcoin exchange in India but also aiming at emerging as a top global player in its field and wanting to give back to the Indian and global economy. It’s also considered a top bitcoin exchange in India.
5.    BTCXIndia: branding themselves and priding themselves in their commitment to their customers, and the maintenance of quality standards make this a reliable service that many people still consider a respectable horse in the race for the best bitcoin exchange in India.

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